How Consignment Works

Here’s how consignment works…

The Red Collection
will be happy to take any of your belongings for consignment provided
that they are in good condition and we feel that we have a market for

What we take…

The Red Collection will accept for sale antiques, quality used furniture, lamps, original art, mirrors, accessories – almost anything used to furnish a home. We usually accept sets of china and glassware and We are always interested in sterling.

Things we’re not accepting…

Prints, small picture frames, bedding, silverplate.

Setting the price…

Members of our staff will have some idea of the value of most of your
items, and we will work with you to determine a reasonable asking price.
Most items will not bring you what you paid for them when they were new,
but there are exceptions. The value of true antiques (items over
100 years old), for example, may have increased over the years.

The cost of consignment…

There is no charge for our consultation services and no up-front charge when an item is accepted by The Red Collection for consignment sales. When an item is sold, you the consignor, will receive 60% of the actual selling price of any item sold.


1-30 Days: You will receive 60% of original price.

31-59 Days: If the item does not sell in the first
30 days, the item will be discounted by 15%.

60-89 Days: After 60 days, the original price will be discounted by 20%.

90-120 Days: After 90 days, the original price will be discounted by 30%.

After 120 days, The Red Collection reserves the right to dispose of unsold items with no further notice or payment to the consignor.

If any of your articles have not sold within 120 days and you want them back you should pick them up at the end of the 120-day period. It is your responsibility to find your item and bring it to the front desk to be returned to you. Please call The Red Collection at least 24 hours before pick-up.

We have a pick-up and delivery service available. Scheduled at the front desk.